Bingo Rules

The game of Bingo is always played in huge halls. The rules, playing variations & the payouts followed in Bingo entirely depend on the location. The brochures of Bingo containing the details of games, its rules and the respective payouts are generally available at all the places where it's played.

The Introduction

At first, players need to buy cards, which have numbers marked on them inside 5x5 regular grid representing the letters of the word "BINGO". Then, numbers are drawn randomly out of 75 possibilities in the American variant of Bingo or 90 in case of Australian & British version until 'Bingo' pattern is completed by a player. This pattern could be made on any one card in a horizontal, diagonal or vertical row having all 5 numbers in one line. Many other possible patterns are there.

There are 24 spaces marked with numbers and one blank space on bingo card to play Bingo. Numbers on these cards are assigned randomly in 5 rows and 5 columns. The column B has numbers between 1-15, column I between 16-30, column N contains 4 numbers between 31-45 along with a blank space, column G between 46-60 and column O between 61-75.

There are plenty of unique cards available for players. Few manufacturers have come up with 6000 unique cards. Also, a series of as huge as 9000 cards is also available. These hard and thin cards contain a serial number. And cards with same serial have same numbers at same space.

Where is Bingo played?

Large sized lobbies along with cash rewards are used for playing Bingo in UK. Huge cash prizes are won in the latter part of the day when bigger commercial concerns (businesses) are connected to other lobbies during a particular game.

Bingo is often played in UK at almost all seaside towns over screens, where the player stands before the screen to cover the called out number by pulling a slide over it. But, presumptively as per the laws of gambling, the winners just get items like toys, etc instead of cash prizes.

Other places where people play Bingo for winning prizes (excluding cash) are innumerable local lobbies or schools in the country to raise funds for social concerns. The businessmen and the shopkeepers of the town donate these prizes. The ambience at such locations of Bingo is quite relaxed. People of all age groups including children are also welcomed here to have fun.

The prizes won at these games vary a lot on the basis of the organizer, but on an average, for one line prizes are worth £1-2.5, £2-5 for two lines, £5-10 for full house. These prizes include chocolate boxes, wine bottles, a hamper for grocery items, discount vouchers for buying items from the specified local shops, free passes for swimming pool, etc.