Online Bingo

Here we present you with a guide to online bingo, which will describe about every aspect of the game that is required for playing online bingo for the first time. The game of Bingo, which is played traditionally, is considered to be the game of your luck, where randomly chosen numbers are withdrawn and you have to match up such numbers with the numbers electronically marked or printed on your bingo cards.

The first player who completes the specified pattern on his card using the withdrawn numbers becomes the winner of the game and hence, announces ''Bingo'' to inform other players and the caller about his win. In case, you're already aware about online Bingo, then you can straight away go to the best rooms of online bingo with us and you can yourself select the bingo room that you need for playing.

Game Play

While playing bingo over internet, when you place an order for purchasing bingo cards, the software selects them randomly for you. In case, you are not satisfied with the numbers over the bingo cards issued to you, then you can click the button 'change cards' or 'new cards' to get another s bingo card set. This feature is available on most of the bingo websites. All online games of Bingo have their respective callers to call out the bingo number & display board to show the called out number and the bingo pattern.

At most of the websites, the software for online bingo crosses out the numbers automatically for you and call out "Bingo". Bingo players can also use the option of manual daubing. To choose the playing mode out of "manual" or "auto", players can click on the button "options". This button is also used for customizing shapes and colors of the daubers.

Depending on the rules used by the website (US or European), the probable bingo numbers used are 75 or 90. Every number is presented by the symbol of ball using RNG (random number generator), which is announced in the room by the caller. After the announcement, players check their respective cards for the called out number and in case the number is present, it is marked by the card manager or by the player himself by clicking over the corresponding square.

Once the player completes the specified pattern of "bingo", click on the button "BINGO" on the webpage. The software used for online bingo contains card manager, which performs all these functions automatically in "auto" mode. It is very useful for the beginners to acquire a good understanding of the game.


Apart from the regular winnings, online bingo offers special jackpots as well. We have won many jackpots at various websites along with a huge jackpot of 2345 USD using all 4 cards with us. We have also seen people winning progressive jackpots at just their 1st visit to any website. If you're offered a free trial bonus for playing at any website, ensure that you check the policies regarding cash out as mostly such websites doesn't permit cash out using free money.