Privacy Statement

All of the data found at This Portal is kept completely confidential. It cannot be reused, sold, rented, loaned, or disclosed in any other way. Any data given to This Portal is always going to be treated with the utmost care. This kind of information is never going to be used without the visitors of the website consenting to the use, either.

On Cookies and Website Information

  • This Portal puts cookies to use, mostly to track the traffic that leaves to other sites and comes in from other sites. These cookies are not used to try to connect them to people to get personal information - don't worry.
  • Some browser information might be received on the site, which This Portal uses to analyze itself. This is then used to make the website material that is available more valuable. The website logs cannot be identified personally, though, and we never try to connect them to visitors of the website in any way.

On Advertising, Resale and Changes

  • At the moment, This Portal has advertisements that are served by in-house programs, all of which follow the same privacy guidelines to a tee.
  • Information disclosure or resale to a third party is not allowed. In fact, never sells, trades, leases, rents, or loans any personal data that is collected on the website. This would also include email lists and membership forms.
  • As for changes and updates, This Portal has the rights to replace the whole privacy policy anytime without prior notice.