Roulette Game Rules

Roulette game is very easy casino game to play. In roulette game chips are of no value. The table in roulette game is divided into 6 and up to 8 sets for different chips and its value. The whole game is about Roulette wheel surrounded by players. Roulette rules and strategies differ in every country and we'll have a look at American Roulette rules and European rules.

Roulette Rules

The main aim of the Roulette game is to guess, which number including its color will occur after the wheel spin. Roulette wheel is placed on the green table and is set for 6-8 players. In American roulette the wheel contains 36 slots, a zero and a double zero. Roulette players take their chips from the dealer and make the bet on red or black, odd or even and on 1-18 or 19-36. Then the dealer spins the roulette wheel with the ball so that the last one could land in one of the 38 wheel slots.

In American Roulette game the house edge is 5.26%. The house edge increases slightly when the ball falls on one of the following number combinations: 0, 1, 2, 3 and 00 (double zero) and equals 7.89%.

European Roulette Rules

European variant is played almost the same as American Roulette with one difference. When the player makes a bet and the ball falls in a zero slot - due to one specific rule "la partage" - the player receives back the half of his bet and the other half he loses. To prevent a loss the player can imprison the bet. This means that if such bet at the following spin wins, then the player can take it completely back.

If such bet will win another following spin - in one casino it counts as a loss, in others - this bet will be double imprisoned. Then if it wins again it can be a single-imprisoned once again or triple-imprisoned. But it all depends on the game rules and roulette bonus systems.

Betting Placement

There are about 11 kinds of bet in Roulette game. Every bet has its odds and payoffs. The player is able to place a bet on each spin. The player is allowed to place bets even when the ball is still spinning until the dealer says "no more bets." When the ball falls in the slot number, the dealer highlights the winning number at the table. If the winning number was picked by some player - he gets his payout, if not - the dealer takes all the lost bets.