Roulette Strategy

The players who wish to use Double streets Quad Strategy in their quest for roulette bets would have to place the wagers on a straight up no., one quad or otherwise known as corner bet, & 2 double streets for each spins. This particular bet covers seventeen numbers of roulette wheel..

A player has to place 1 chip on straight up no., 1 on corner bet & 2 on either of double streets. This implies that 6 chips get used for each of those spins. As you pick straight up no. ensure that it's not covered already by your earlier bets that have been placed by you.

Straight up!

Straight up no. has payoff of thirty five to one. If you're lucky to get the ball resting on the selected no. you would be thirty chips up, because 5 chips would get lost on other bets which were placed.

Cornet or Quad bet:

The cornet bet or quad bet has payoff of eight to one. While winning with any of those 4 numbers, you'd be up 3 chips, because 5 chips will get lost on other 2 bets which were placed.

Payoff for double streets is five to one. Since you are having 2 chips on Double Street, payoff will be 10 chips that imply that you would be up with 6 chips. 4 chips would get lost to other bets which were being placed. Obviously, it's always quite possible that no number out of the seventeen you picked comes up & so you can go down by 6 chips in one spin. But, odds of winning something are a lot more if you picked up seventeen numbers from roulette wheel!